Aluminum Plastic Baseboard

The plastic baseboard is a structural and decorative element in kitchen and bathroom furniture. Its main function is to hide the leveling feet and prevent the deposition of rubbish and moisture under the furniture, which is why it is structurally rigid, having, in the area in contact with the floor, a flexible thermoplastic profile, which adapts to the small irregularities in the ground. It is fixed by means of plastic hooks to the leveling feet, allowing access to the lower space of the unit, when necessary.

Measurements (mm) 4000x100

+ Furniture Components

Aluminum baseboard

90º Corner 425C Aluminum Plastic Footer

Angular Corner Aluminum Plastic Footer 1356

Corner 90º Footer Aluminum 1353

Angular Corner Footer Aluminum 1354

250FR Detachable Leveling Foot

Whole Leveling Foot 280FR270

Detachable Leveling Foot Base

Nylon Footer Hook

P580 Dishwasher Protective Background

Refrigerator Background

Double Aluminum Horizontal Collar Profile

Double Aluminum Vertical Collar Profile

Showcase Profile

Aluminum Collar Profile Terminal

Hidden Levelers

Gola Profile Support

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