Carvalho Taupe Eternity 280010012

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Flooring with similar strength to laminate but with a waterproof finish characteristic of LVT. This solution is extremely durable and very stain resistant. Very easy to install, hiding even minor imperfections in the substrate, requiring only minimal preparation.

This range is marketed with measures of 1520x228mm and a thickness of 06mm. An ideal flooring for renovation and for all users who want a fresh design, but one that resists the typical day-to-day aggressions.

Measurements (mm) 1520x228x06

+ Vinyl

Carvalho Bege Everlasting 280010011

Carvalho Light Dalton 280010013

Carvalho Bege Canada 280010014

Carvalho Tostado Cartagena 280009006

Pinho Riga Texturado 280009008

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